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TEI Western GrecceT.E.I of Western Greece - Accounting Department

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The accounting science is often credited as a corporate language, necessary for a career in industry, commerce, services and public administration.

The Accounting Department of T.E.I of Western Greece has strong affiliations with business and the community offering its students the necessary skills to meet the needs of today's volatile business environment.

The curriculum is composed of eight semesters covering courses from the accounting, economics, business administration and information technology fields. During the last semester student do internship in corporate accountancies, financial institutions, accounting offices, and public services. Finally they must submit their thesis which is supervised and guided by a teaching staff member.

The Accounting Department of T.E.I of Western Greece provides a modern and stimulating academic environment using well equipped teaching classes and computer labs. Courses include theoretic lectures, practical training using the computer labs provided by highly equipped personnel.

Head of the Department : Dr. Zafiropoulos Georgios , Assistant Professor

tel:+30 2610 369383, e-mail:

Department Secretary : Lemonia Agelopoulou

tel: +30 2610 369220-1/369218/369190

Site Administrator-Design : Pefanis Evagelos (Special Technical Personnel)

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